Eternal Light Co.

Case Study

Humble Roots to Christian E-Commerce Giant


Their Story

When Trent Fikes acquired the inactive single product Eternal Light Co from a family member, he had dreams of combining his faith and his entrepreneurial skills. After months of inconsistent ROAs, he made the decision to work with Hemon Media Group. Eternal Light Co. now sells hundreds of products, from inspiring Christian apparel and subscription boxes to customized cemetery solar lights. Eternal Light Co. is now one of the fastest growing Christian e-commerce stores in the world.

“We were having major issues with campaigns. One day they would do really well, but then they’d tank and end up costing us a lot of money. The biggest thing we’ve seen since we made the transition and started working with Hemon: Consistency. Consistent growth. Consistent results. Consistent ROAs that we can count on.”

Trent Fikes

Owner & CEO, Eternal Light Co.

Their Goal

The company focuses on giving back to the community while spreading faith through unique and moving Christian products. They continue to create inspiring new designs and keep their mission to serve others at the core of their business.


Their Result

After working with Hemon Media Group for just a few months, we are grateful to report that Eternal Light Company has begun to thrive, increasing their purchases by almost 10X at a higher ROAS:

Prior to working with Hemon Media
Sept 2019 - March 2020

  • 2.17 ROAS -- $488K Spend
  • 29,435 Purchases
  • AVG Cost per Purchase $16.60

6 months of working with Hemon Media
April 2020 - Sept 2020

  • 3.17 ROAS -- 1.65M Spend
  • 244,000+ Purchases
  • AVG Cost per Purchase $6.77

“One of the biggest things that has grown our business was the decision to work with Hemon. A lot of my time was spent inside the Facebook Ad dashboard. When I took myself out of that role and put it in the hands of a ‘10 Player’ like Hemon, it changed everything. Now I rarely even check the dashboard, because I have that much trust and confidence in Hemon.”

Trent Fikes

Owner & CEO, Eternal Light Co.

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