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Scaling Their High Ticket Coaching Program Through Facebook Ads & Dynamic Creative

Success Story

When this high ticket coaching service decided to work with Hemon Media to scale their business, they saw a 10.73x increase in revenue.

Scaling Their High Ticket Offer

Their Goal

After scaling their ads up to $1,500/day, co-founders Landon, Chris, and Jaden knew it was time to get some help if they were going to scale further. They recognized if they were going to scale further, they needed to operate in their zone of genius and hire a team whose zone of genius lies in advertising.

“Once we got up to $1,500/day in ad spend, we knew if we were going to go beyond this, we needed help. As company owners, running our own ads was no longer the best use of our time. We could spend 3 years learning ads or we could just hire someone who already knows ads to help us run it.”

Landon Stewart
Co-Founder, Clients & Community
Implement Hemon Advertising Flywheel™

Our Solution

Hemon Media Group began working with Clients & Community in July 2020. The initial plan was to implement our Hemon Advertising Flywheel™ approach, which consisted of several steps:

“We did $213,000 in 2019. We did $2,500,000 in 2020. This year we’re looking to 4x that to $10,000,000 in cash this year. So we’re excited to continue scaling.”

Landon Stewart
Co-Founder, Clients & Community
Endless Pool Of High Ticket Clients

Their result

Since working with Hemon Media Group, Clients & Community now has a proven scaling process installed in their business that not only took 10X’d their revenue in one year but now set them up to 4x that again in 2021.

Now that Hemon Media is in control of their advertising, Co-Founders Landon, Chris, and Jaden can focus on their zone of genius– which is leading the vision of Clients & Community into 2021 and beyond.

More High Ticket Clients Month Over Month

Their sucess

After working with the Hemon Media Group for 18+ months to implement our hyper-scaling formula, we’re proud to say Clients & Community has enjoyed the following 10x+ growth in revenue from $213,000 in 2019 to $2,500,000 in 2020.

We look forward to helping Clients & Community take the next step to 4x these results to $10 Million in 2021.

“Ultimately we turned that campaign into so much success financially. In fact, it’s been the most successful marketing campaign and effort we’ve ever done as a company in all our years.”

Eric J. Morin
Founder & CEO, Tower Leadership

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