How to choose an ad agency

for Ridiculously Profitable Media Buying and Growth


So if you’re a coach or consultant looking to take your Facebook, TikTok, or Google advertising to the next level — think twice before signing any contracts.

Here’s why. If you hire the wrong agency, you’ll incur a steep opportunity cost: stunted growth. Hire the right ad agency, and you could hit multiple 7-figures by this time next year.

As you shop for an advertising agency, It’s crucial to find the best fit to gain your business the bright spotlight (and revenue) you deserve. 

At The Hemon Group, we believe results separate the wheat from the chaff. And here are the four critical factors that set the best ad agencies apart from the rest:

The Pedigree: A Winning Track Record

The best indicator of future performance is past performance

Yes — this may seem like a “no-brainer.” But most business owners don’t perform as much due diligence as they should. And that can bite them — in the wallet.

An underperforming agency won’t get you the conversion numbers needed to throw rocket fuel on your fire.

While it’s great to see agencies with big-name clients on their roster scaling past the 8-figure mark — it’s best to dig deeper and look for:

  • Case studies that clearly identify clients’ problems, goals, and game-changing outcomes
  • Testimonials about killer customer service, specific ROI numbers, and long-term relationships 
  • Reviews on third-party sites that back up every single one of the agency’s claims


The ideal agency (for you) has success in similar niches, working with businesses the same size as your own. And their team can wow you with a record of historical wins as well as recent successes.

Proprietary Systems for Repeat Wins

Let’s face it. The internet has an abundance of self-appointed experts. Right? 

While there’s no shortage of fast talk from gurus, the real-deal experts have proprietary methods developed over years of testing — backed by millions in ad spending.

At Hemon, we’ve systematized ROI. Our proprietary Decentralized Account Structure and Conversion Heuristic drives success time and time again — with over $100M in ad spending behind our techniques.

The Decentralized Account Structure is our method of organizing, planning, and executing media buying engagement to scale businesses faster.  

From the top of the funnel to the bottom, our process achieves predictable winning outcomes.

The Conversion Heuristic is our proven systematic guide to applied consumer psychology and conversion science used to inform our conversion copy. 

It optimizes the psychological tactics we use in your ad copy into a repeatable process for increased engagement and conversions.

At a great ad agency, there’s no guesswork — just data-backed strategies to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. 

Whether that means building your email list or increasing AOV, Hemon has a pathway to make it happen.

Conversion-Obsessed Professional Copywriters 

Know what makes people click your ads? It’s not an agency’s cool office furniture or slick pitch deck. It’s your ads. 

More specifically, it’s your ad copy. 

Good copywriting turns your prospects into raving fans who are ready to buy anything you offer. And bad copy will have you wondering if you need to reconsider your offer, your funnel, or your entire business.

So chose an ad agency with a team of direct response copywriters on staff.

Too many agencies rely on generalist content writers who don’t have the proven direct-response experience you need to get high ROAS.

Direct response copywriting is a science. It makes the difference between 2% conversions and 20% conversions. The truth is — direct response copy requires intense research into what your prospects are thinking, feeling, and fearing when they see your ads.

So don’t let an ad agency’s generalist writer pen your ads. You need a conversion-obsessed direct-response copywriter.

Ultra-Sharpshooting Media Buyers

The phrase “media buying” doesn’t begin to convey the task’s complexity — or the fact that it’s actually split into multiple disciplines.

Facebook advertising is a wildly different beast than TikTok or Google Ads advertising. 

Not understanding the differences between cost per rating points, reach, or optimal frequency — for every platform — will cost you thousands each month. And to make matters more difficult, platforms are constantly changing the rules.

That’s why every ad agency should employ specialized media buyers for Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

Digital advertising gives you the exciting opportunity to connect with exactly the right customers — at exactly the right time with the right message. But without specialized media buyers to do the targeting, you’re still in the Dark Ages of print-only advertising.

We’re not shy in saying that we’ve built an outstanding agency. The results speak for themselves: our team at The Hemon Group Agency achieves an average ROAS of 4.6 while managing a daily average of $50K in spending.

But whatever ad agency you choose to work with, make sure that these four key factors are in place:

  • A stellar track record
  • Proprietary systems with proven ROI
  • Dedicated conversion-focused copywriters
  • Specialized media buyers for each platform


When an agency checks all those boxes, you’re sure to get more conversions, sales, and sustained revenue. 

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