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Mandy Ford Photography

CASE STUDY Generating Passive Income With Digital Products and Sales Funnels Learn More Success Story When this specialized Photography business engaged with HemonX, they received much more than the best media buying and marketing strategy training on the market. Through the extensive small group training format, they were able to

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Clients & Community

CASE STUDY Scaling Their High Ticket Coaching Program Through Facebook Ads & Dynamic Creative Learn More Success Story When this high ticket coaching service decided to work with Hemon Media to scale their business, they saw a 10.73x increase in revenue. Scaling Their High Ticket Offer Their Goal After scaling

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Trusy Social

CASE STUDY Increasing SaaS Sales through Facebook Conversion Marketing Learn More Success Story When this premium marketing services company engaged with Hemon Media Group to run their conversion campaigns on Facebook, they saw an 891% increase in sales. 0 % Increase in Sales 0 % Increase in Total Monthly Orders

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Eternal Light

CASE STUDY Humble Roots to Christian E-Commerce Giant Learn More Their Story When Trent Fikes acquired the inactive single product Eternal Light Co from a family member, he had dreams of combining his faith and his entrepreneurial skills. After months of inconsistent ROAs, he made the decision to work with

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Tower Leadership

CASE STUDY Generating High-Ticket Clients Through A Full End-to-End Online Sales Funnel. Learn More Success Story When this specialized Dental Consultancy business engaged with Hemon Media Group, they were able to recreate their entire sales funnel online and consistently generate an abundance of high-ticket clients all year round regardless of

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