A comparative benchmark derived from the paid media results of a ‘basket of goods’ consisting of at least ten eCommerce and Lead Generation ad accounts.  

  • SPEND $20,810.77 ⇧ (+42.10%)
  • CPM $19.54  ⇩  (-4.66%)
  • CPC(ALL) $1.46 ⇩  (-1.37%)
  • CTR(ALL) 1.37% ⇩  (-1.41%)
  • OBCTR 0.88%  ⇧ (+8.62%)
  • CPA 151.87 ⇩  (-2.00%)

How to use the consumer media buying index

The Consumer Media Buying Index is modeled after the Consumer Price Index and should be used in a similar fashion. It is comprised of a ‘basket of goods.’ In this case, we’ve selected ten advertisers who are spending at least $20k/mo in ads, and we have aggregated their data. As a result, we have created benchmarks against which media buyers may compare their own results.

This index is only intended to model activity on the Facebook platform. In a future state, we may release a similar index for Google/Youtube and TikTok if the community deems this information helpful.

How this information should NOT be used: This should not be used as a raw comparison to your own media buying outcomes. This is an AVERAGE of averages, and therefore is unlikely to provide useful insight in an apples to apples comparison. Rather, use this data to look at the change in factors over time. Here’s a brief example to explain:

Example 1.  John’s CPAs have been increasing every week.  Since last week, his average CPA has gone from $50 to $55, or ~ 10% increase. John wonders if he’s doing something wrong, or whether there’s some greater socio-economic context at play. John consults the CMBI and discovers that the average CPA has increased 4% week over week.  John can then assume that roughly 4% of his rise in CPA is due to environmental or economic factors, and the other 6% probably is a result of inefficient strategy.  

As you can see, this is highly useful information.  Particularly when you are outperforming the index.  For instance:

Example 2. John’s CPAs have risen ~ 6% week over week, but the average CPA in the index has risen 8% during the same time frame.  John is now happy because he can demonstrate to his client, with data, that he’s actually 25% more efficient than the market.  Ergo, the client is realizing gains by utilizing John’s media buying services that he would not have otherwise realized.

You Can Master These Metrics

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