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Full-service digital advertising management from one of the leading direct response marketing firms on the planet.


Custom copy written by our team of conversion copy "rainmakers." Scientific, relentless pursuit of the perfect conversion copy.

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Visionary, professionally executied creative services designed with one goal in mind - to scale your ads to the moon.

What Makes Us Different

We have real-world, in-the-trenches experience from over 4 different industries. We use that experience to develop highly custom marketing plans for every client to get maximum results!

Our team has been specially trained to use DATA-FIRST decision making that allows us to remain unemotional & to give the greatest statistical advantage at scaling campaigns.

We attack every problem like a scientific experiment. "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" is not a part of our game plan. With us, you'll see much higher returns in the short & long term.



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What To Expect

Whether you’re looking to scale your business with advertising or just need somebody to take ad management off your plate, we’re here to help. Our unique process runs through a few very important phases. Each designed to achieve an important goal. And ultimately, ensure your ad campaigns are a success.

Here’s how it works…



Before our first meeting together, we do our homework. We’ll research your competitors, their offers and pricing, and identify who they’re likely targeting. We’ll work out what we expect will be the best market segments for you to target, and exactly what we’ll need to do to get you an edge.

Then we’ll have a Launch Call together where we’ll show you what we’ve come up with and break down our best initial strategy to meet your goals.

You’ll have a chance to meet the media buyers and copywriters who will be working on your account as well as ask any initial questions you might have.


Identify viable targeting

Phase 1 of our process is designed to acquire data and achieve one very important goal. The identification of winning audiences for your offer.

We’ll start by combing through your account and taking note of what’s worked in the past. We’ll leverage your previous best performing creatives and audiences. And mix this valuable insight with our research.

We’ll test many ad sets on small budgets, keeping wasted spend to the bare minimum. And cut ad sets early if they’re underperforming.

By the end of Phase 1 we’ll have proven audiences that respond well to your offer. Audiences that deliver low cost per click, high click through rates, and high conversions for your offer.

After that, it’s time to move on to Phase 2 of our process. If you’re coming into Hemon Media Group with winning audiences already identified, it’s likely we could even skip straight to Phase 2 from the start.


Identify Winning Creatives

Much like Phase 1, Phase 2 of our process is centered around achieving one specific goal. This time we’ll be focused on identifying winning creatives. We’ll use the proven audiences discovered in Phase 1 at a moderate spend.

Our copy team is well versed in a huge array of niches. We’ll craft copy and images designed to work with your audiences and drive high click through rates.

We’ll create 80/20 variations of your previous winning ads to test, as well as craft brand new ads. Our combined research, creativity, and experience virtually guarantees we’ll create ads that perform better than you ever would have imagined.

By the end of this phase, we’ll have uncovered both winning audiences and winning creatives. At which point, your account will be ready for Phase 3. Ready to scale?


Scale efficiently

Now that we’ve solved for both winning audiences and winning creatives, you’ll have some campaigns doing extremely well. There’s only one step left. To scale up the spend to meet your growth goals.

This is where we shine over most agencies. While many can get ads working in a test environment, they completely flop when they try to scale.

If you can’t scale the budget you’ll have a hard time growing the business. But through our extensive experience, we’ve refined our process so it performs like clockwork.

In this phase we’ll use the winning combinations of creatives and audiences. And increase your monthly and daily budget to your desired amount. We do this while watching everything like a hawk. And making sure that ROI is maintained in the process.

This is truly the fun part. It’s not uncommon for our clients to request that we turn ads off temporarily when we fill their calendars or sell more of their product faster than they can fulfill it.

Next Level Communication

Monthly Strategy Call with Our CEO

At most companies, it’s tough to get ahold of someone when you need them… much less the CEO. At Hemon Media Group, we do things a bit differently.

Each month you’ll have a personal video call with our CEO, Ashton Shanks, to discuss the status of your campaigns and his ideas on strategy for your growth. You’ll get to know him and trust that the advertising for your business is in great hands.

End of Month Strategy Call with Entire Team

You’ll also get to speak with the entire team on call once per month to get a full review of their findings and results for your ads. This is where hidden strategic gems may be uncovered as you’ll have multiple experts putting their brain power towards the same goals. Yours.

Ongoing Daily Communication

But don’t think you’ll only hear from us once per month. You’ll have ongoing communication daily with both the media buyer and copywriter working on your campaigns.

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