Mandy Ford Photography

Generating Passive Income With Digital Products and Sales Funnels

Success Story

When this specialized Photography business engaged with HemonX, they received much more than the best media buying and marketing strategy training on the market. Through the extensive small group training format, they were able to identify new, profitable products, create their entire sales funnel online, and consistently generate an abundance of low-ticket sales.

“I didn't realize how helpful it would be to have you guys going through the core, underlying principles of conversion marketing at such depth. Especially because you actually went through and implemented them in the modern tech environment. It was super easy to understand.”

Mandy Ford
Founder & CEO, Mandy Ford Photography
Pivoting To Passive Income

Their story

Mandy Ford is a creative at heart.  She’s a photographer, a graphic designer, and a serial entrepreneur.  She came to HemonX in order to achieve a deeper understanding of conversion marketing and media buying.  

She had taken many different courses, training seminars, and masterminds on marketing and media buying, but had never really found that seminal training product that would help her level up her skills and expand her business.  

In HemonX, Mandy found a process-driven, highly vetted, repeatable system for running paid traffic and thinking about conversion marketing. In the end, through our extensive small group mentoring sessions held 4X per week, we were even able to help her discover and implement new products for her business.

From $10k Months to $10k Days

Their Goal

Mandy’s goal coming into the program was simply to achieve consistent $10k months in her business.  She had tried a variety of tactics to achieve that goal, but nothing had panned out. 

Through our small group coaching calls, we were able to help Mandy identify a new product opportunity selling ‘presets,’ which are exclusive editing scripts which speed up the process of editing photos for wedding photographers.  Using our concepts, she built out the funnels and identified the ideal targeting and ads.  In early November, she launched her new product. 

“It's honestly laughable now, looking back. My goal was to have $10k months, and now with the presets I'm having $10k weeks.”

Mandy Ford
Founder & CEO, Mandy Ford Photography
Implement HemonX Training Program™

Our Solution

Mandy entered the HemonX elite media buyer training program in late 2022. We gave her in-depth training on media buying fundamentals, advanced concepts in media buying, understanding conversion science and consumer psychology, and data analytics.  In addition, Mandy had access to small group coaching calls 4X per week where she could get advice specific to her business and situation. 

“I'm seeing the most success from making changes where I didn't even know I needed to make changes. The [hands on instruction] is what really sets the program apart, I think.”

Mandy Ford
Founder & CEO, Mandy Ford Photography

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