Tower Leadership

Generating High-Ticket Clients Through A Full End-to-End Online Sales Funnel.

Success Story

When this specialized Dental Consultancy business engaged with Hemon Media Group, they were able to recreate their entire sales funnel online and consistently generate an abundance of high-ticket clients all year round regardless of external economic factors.

“Every now and then in a history of a company, you come across certain individuals or certain teams and they change the course of trajectory for a business. And that’s what Hemon Group has done for me. They’ve literally changed the course and trajectory of my company…”

Eric J. Morin
Founder & CEO, Tower Leadership
Pivoting From The Pandemic

Their story

“When the pandemic hit I ultimately lost all speaking engagements…”

Tower Leadership is a unique organization that teaches business, leadership and wealth skills to dentists.

They help doctors reshape their lives to match their ambitions; carving out a work-life balance that enables them to positively impact their team, family and wider community.

Eric and his team traditionally would have got all their clients from Eric’s speaking engagements.

However when the pandemic hit in early 2020 that all changed, leaving him with a full team of staff and no sales funnel to bring in new clients…

Recreate An Entire Sales Funnel Online

Their Goal

With the pandemic having a severely negative effect on Eric and Tower Leadership — they needed help to recreate their entire sales funnel, and take it from offline, to online. This was not their area of expertise when it came to generating clients. They had never leveraged Facebook Advertising or online sales funnel before, so they knew they needed help… And that’s when we took over.

“Their team didn’t treat me like I was one more client or like I was in some system. I felt like I was their only client, and I always have…”

Eric J. Morin
Founder & CEO, Tower Leadership
Implement Hemon Advertising Flywheel™

Our Solution

Hemon media began work on Tower Leadership in July 2020. The initial plan was to implement our Hemon Advertising Flywheel™ approach, which consisted of several steps:

“Ultimately we turned that campaign into so much success financially. In fact, it’s been the most successful marketing campaign and effort we’ve ever done as a company in all our years.”

Eric J. Morin
Founder & CEO, Tower Leadership

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