Trusy Social

Increasing SaaS Sales through Facebook Conversion Marketing

Success Story

When this premium marketing services company engaged with Hemon Media Group to run their conversion campaigns on Facebook, they saw an 891% increase in sales.

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Increase in Return Shoppers

Their Story

Growth In Brand & Conversions Through Social Influence
Trusy Social provides brands, businesses, and individuals an authentic growth platform for their social media presence, primarily on Instagram. They offer growth services and one-to-one consulting/coaching to assist their clients in achieving their individual growth goals. Whether it’s an influencer looking to increase their follower count and secure brand deals, an e-commerce brand looking for larger brand reach or brick and mortar businesses looking to increase leads in their hometown, Trusy Social has a growth strategy to work for every niche, industry and location.
Acquiring New Customers

Their Goal

Dustin Vann, CEO of Trusy Social, knew the time was right to pull out of running his own marketing and focus on the other aspects of the business. Recognizing that Facebook advertising was not his zone of genius, Dustin desired to end the vicious cycle of trial and error and scale his business.

When we launched Trusy we were running ads on our own and a lot of it was trial and error, spending money without clear direction, getting ad accounts shut down left and right and we were unable to gain traction with any of our own efforts. This was not only stressful and time consuming - It pulled us away from what we needed to be focused on - Our Clients!

Dustin Vann
CEO, Trusy Social
Implement Hemon Advertising Flywheel™

Our Solution

Hemon Media Group began work on Trusy Social accounts in May 2019.  The initial plan was to implement our Hemon Advertising Flywheel™ approach, which consisted of several steps:



Rapid Scaling & Market Disruption Using our Proprietary Scientific Ad-Method



Implement Stable Account Structures for Consistent Month-Over-Month Growth.

If I recall correctly, the month prior to hiring HMG we were doing around $5k a month in revenue and the very next month (30 days in with HMG) we did $45k, and the next month $148k, then $250k - Now we are FAR beyond that and continuing to scale.

Dustin Vann
CEO, Trusy Social
Evergreen Customer Acquisition Machine

Their Result

Trusy Social now has a reliable and consistent customer acquisition machine. Whereas they used to run into compliance issues that hindered their growth. Now they are able to consistently spend $1,500+ per day on Advertising without fears of getting shut down.

Trusy Social has also been able to launch offers for celebrity influencers, TikTok page growth programs, and even their very own book that is now offered as a tool for lead generation.

Influence Growing Everyday

Their Success

After over 18 months of working closely with Hemon Media Group, as a result of a deep-dive Facebook and Shopify analysis of outcomes, we can gladly report that Trusy Social has enjoyed:

  • An 891% increase in sales
  • 721% increase in total monthly orders
  • 459% increase in return customers
  • An AOV increase 11.6%

Products Used

Dynamic Ads

Personalize your ads without any manual work.

Video Ads

Capture attention with engaging video ads.

Lookalike Audiences

Find people similar to your customers and contacts.

Automatic Advanced Matching

Accurately attribute conversions and increase your audience size to drive better results.

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