We Recruit, Train, Place &
Guatantee A-Star Media Buyers

If you’re a business owner looking for a top-tier media buyer, or a media buyer looking for a new role, then you couldn’t be in a better place.

This is HemonX Recruiting.

Hire A M.A.A.D Certified Media Buyer

Trusted To Manage, Train & Recruit For Some Of The Best…

What Is HemonX Recruiting?

At HemonX Recruiting, we recruit, train, place and guarantee a-star media buyers. Totally done for you.

We send you pre-vetted candidates, that we’d be more than happy to take at our own Full-Service Direct-Response Advertising Agency, currently managing over $5M/month.  You select the candidate you think would be a best fit for your business.

From there, they’ll be put through the most intense, and advanced media buying training program on the market today – HemonX.

They’ll get access to a 17 week training program, with x4 Live Coaching calls per week, and a training portal loaded to the brim with every principle, strategy, tactic, template and formula we use at our own agency.

Our own media buyers at Hemon Media, are trusted by the best – and you’re all but getting one of our own.

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How Does HxR Work?

We Aren’t A “Connection” Platform…

Not only are media buyers a dime a dozen these days, but there’s no shortage of these connection platforms springing up. That’s not us…

We thoroughly pre-vet candidates and train them OUR way.

There’s only ONE way to know that a media buyer is up to our standards, and that’s putting them through HemonX, and passing their exam at the end.

We do the exact same thing, with every new hire we make internally. No media buyer get’s their paws on a client account, without first passing their exam.

With You Every Step Of The Way.
Our Guarantee

We’ll be with you every step of the way, from our initial call through until your new hire completes HemonX and passes their exam at the end.

We also know not all new hires go to plan, so if you’re media buyer isn’t up to scratch – we go on the hunt again.

We guarantee their placement for 90 days and we’ll contine to work together until you’ve got a superstar that you’re utmost satisfied with.

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