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But with that said, I do have a confession to make that you might hate me for…

This Page Should NOT Exist.

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Seriously. It shouldn’t. You were never meant to see this page.

This was never meant to exist. In fact my entire leadership team argued with me over creating this page…let alone sending traffic to it.

Because there’s something they wanted me to give you…

Which I flat out REFUSED at first.

And I’ll tell you why in a second — but first let me share some results with you from our partners, so you can see why I was determined to put my foot down.

(NOTE: The names of our exclusive partners have been redacted to honor NDA’s):

  • Partner #1: Hit 110 In Inc. 500 List (Fastest growing manufacturer in his state, #4 in the Manufacturing industry)
  • Partner #2: Made over $200k with $16k in Advertising Spend
  • Partner #3: Went from $4k in Revenue (with accounts getting shut down left and right before working with us) to $4M+ per year in revenue in under 8 months
  • Partner #4: Went from 7-Figure months to recently a 7-Figure DAY
  • Partner #5: Went from $150k to $1.4M in revenue in just 6 months
  • Partner #6: Went from $120k per month before we started working together to netting $1.2M in FRONT-END revenue
  • Partner #7: For the first time ever hit $50k+ in revenue on a RETAIL business that is appointment only (from ads)
  • Partner #8: Never really paid attention to email for his ecom business and with ONE email broadcast we produced over $17k in revenue
  • Partner #9: Secured 21 applications for their high ticket offer with just ONE email
  • Partner #10: DOUBLED their revenue from $2.5MM in 2019 to a whopping $4.4MM in 2020 when they started working with us.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Time and time again, we deliver results for partners that would be considered impossible by most standards.

And with results like these… WHY would we ever share the “Secret Sauce?”

Why not just plant our flag and claim pretty much every mid-size business that wants to scale from $50K – $500K – $1M monthly…

Leaving NOTHING to the competition?

Well, that’s the point…

And it’s the whole reason you’re viewing this page right now.

Because one of the core principles that I’ve discovered over the years in marketing, business, and relationships is this…

One of my greatest honors in life has been making a positive impact on thousands of marketers and business owners around the world.

Do I have things I could sell you?


Our direct-response ad agency (Hemon Media) is second to none when it comes to Facebook, Google, & Youtube Ads.

Our In-House media buyer development program, HemonX, is single-handedly the BEST program out there for training media buyers in high performance, ad copywriting, and advanced media buyer tactics.

But here’s the truth…

(a truth I wish more marketers would understand)

The market ALWAYS responds to true value and authenticity.

So put that credit card away…

Lean In.

Get Ready.

“aNd sHaRe tHiS nEwSlEtTeR wItH 5 fRiEnDs…”

lmao – jk

All I’m trying to say is that you can rest easy knowing that every time you open an email from me, you can count on value being delivered FIRST above all else.

Okay. Now about getting you approved to be on my email list…

(lol see that was a play-on-words… I am a wordsmith after all)

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And, in the words of the GREAT Gary Halbert…


Ashton Shanks

CEO of Hemon Media & HemonX

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