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Ashton Shanks


After managing over $100M in advertising spend for companies like Google, Dell,, Jay Shetty, Traffic & Funnels, Redline Steel, Tanner Chidester, Dan Henry, and many more, Ashton developed the nickname, “The Paid Traffic Savage.”

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Isaac Tobelen


After surviving the crucible with Ashton as an intern at Traffic & Funnels, Isaac has worked alongside Ashton since day one at Hemon Media Group. Isaac oversees and manages over $1M per month in advertising spend. He’s our COO at Hemon Media.

Kristi Hoyer

Director of Operations

Kristi Hoyer serves as Hemon Media Group’s Director of Operations, dedicated to aiding partner communication and driving projects forward. Prior to joining the Hemon Media team, Kristi served as the Director of Operations for Super Connector Media and Team Lead of Operational Development with Traffic and Funnels. Kristi’s operational expertise was crafted during five years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Los Angeles, where she led administrative staff in the Supply, Evidence, and Mailroom programs as well as investigative squads.


Nate Weeks

Lead Copywriter

Nate Weeks is the Lead Copywriter who works with our partners to produce high-converting, sales-smashing, revenue-breaking copy for their brands. He believes words have the power to move mountains - especially in marketing. To date, he’s produced winning ads, emails, landing pages & video sales letters that have translated into millions in revenue for our partners across the board. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, gaming, and watching Korean street food videos on YouTube.

Joshua Alger

Senior Media Buyer

Having his eyes originally set on having a corporate career in IT after graduating with a Computer Science Degree, Joshua found media buying and copywriting in 2017. For the next 2 years, he did side jobs and helped manage $12,000+/month in Facebook spend across 25+ local chiropractors. In Q3 of 2020, he found Ashton and Hemon Media. Since then, he's managed over $5M in spend across Facebook and Tiktok.

Joshua Alger
Rob Perry

Rob Perry

Senior Media Buyer

Rob’s journey to becoming a media buyer started out just like any other marketer… he went to school for Law Enforcement. After suffering an injury that forced him to rethink his career, he found Facebook marketing through a good friend of his that opened his eyes to the potential impact of the career. Through a deep desire to continue to serve others and make an impact on a larger scale, he pushed forward into the career of digital marketing. He went back to school and started to study digital marketing and found out very quickly how useless school actually was. So he took it upon himself to learn the skill through courses and eventually a part-time job that led to where he is today.

Stephanie MacDonald

Marketing Coordinator

What started as a furniture flipping hustle in middle school turned into a passion for marketing for Stephanie, who has enjoyed working closely with creative and media buying teams in the agency space. But don't let her 9-5 fool you, she'll still flip a dresser (or three) on the weekend.

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