Attention: Exclusive Offer For High-Ticket Coaches Only…
Attention: Exclusive Offer For High-Ticket Coaches Only…

Done-For-You TikTok Ads With A
World-Class Advertising Agency

Hemon Media helps high-ticket coaches skyrocket their leads, applications & sales using the fastest-growing social media platform in the world.  

Alongside providing world-class TikTok Ad Buying, we’ll supply you with 12 High-Converting ad creatives each and every month.
(High ticket coaches only. Min. 10k/mo revenue required.)

Avg. Monthly Spend




Client Churn Rate

(Ask your current agency for this one)

7.9% (Annual)

Industry-Leading 7, 8, & 9-Figure Brands Trust Us To Generate Consistent, Profitable Returns On Paid Ads Every Single Month

What our past & current clients have to say about us:​

“We scaled from around $20,000 per month, to as high as $400,000 a month working with Hemon Media.”
Tanner Chidester CEO, Elite CEOs (8-Figure Coaching Company)
Trusy Social: 891% Increase In sales. 721% Increase In Monthly Orders
“If I recall correctly, the month prior to hiring HMG we were doing around $5k a month in revenue and the very next month (30 days in with HMG) we did $45k, and the next month $148k, then $250k - Now we are FAR beyond that and continuing to scale.” Dustin Vann CEO, Trusy Social (8-Figure SaaS Company)
Clients & Community: 10.73x Increase In Revenue
“We did $213,000 in 2019. We did $2,500,000 in 2020. This year we’re looking to 4x that to $10,000,000 in cash this year. So we’re excited to continue scaling.” -Landon Stewart, Co-Founder, Clients & Community (8-Figure Coaching Business)
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Eternal Light: 3.17 ROAS - $1.6 Million Spent
“One of the biggest things that has grown our business was the decision to work with Hemon. A lot of my time was spent inside the Facebook Ad dashboard. When I took myself out of that role and put it in the hands of a ‘10 Player’ like Hemon, it changed everything. Now I rarely even check the dashboard, because I have that much trust and confidence in Hemon.” -Trent Fikes Owner & CEO, Eternal Light Co. (8 Figure Clothing Company)
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“I can tell you personally, that Ashton’s [Hemon Media CEO] a genius”
- Dan Henry (CEO,
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A Rare “Blue Ocean” Has Emerged For Your Paid Ads…

(And it has the potential to skyrocket your returns with rock-bottom
costs if you get in early)

Facebook (2013). 

Snapchat (2014). 

Instagram (2015).

These platforms have generated hundreds billions of dollars in sales for businesses across America. 

With over 3 billion users combined, never before has it been easier to generate sales from a smartphone. 

But just like the gold rush of the 1800’s… 

Whenever news breaks out about the incredible profits, the competition comes running. 

And fast.

In today’s era, the competition is ruthless….

Ad costs are rising… 

You’re spending more for less returns… 

And you’re fighting (spending) more for the same amount of customers. 

This is the ‘red ocean’ effect, and it’s draining ad budgets faster than ever.

Never before in the history of online advertising has it been more expensive to generate sales. 

…Until 2019, when a new platform emerged that would rival the popularity of Facebook, and capture attention at a whole new level… 

Tik Tok. 

Growing to over 1 billion users faster than even Facebook, TikTok is capturing the eyes (and wallets) of customers like never before. 

As you can see, this level of explosive growth is historic. 

Never in our history has a platform grown at such break-neck speed like TikTok.

In fact, it’s so popular it has…

(High ticket coaches only. Min. 10k/mo revenue required.)

108 million daily active users who spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform

(That’s a lot of content consumed per day) 

So what does that mean for you, exactly? 

Great question. 

See, when Facebook first launched, advertisers came flooding to the platform. 


That was only after when they heard about the sales they could generate with paid ads. 

As you can imagine, those who got in early raked in clear fortunes (with the right strategy). 

But now that word has gotten out, the days of crazy cheap ad costs on Facebook are long gone. 

Fast forward to today, we now find ourselves at the edge of another incredible opportunity because… 

Business owners are barely using TikTok to advertise their services.

And just like the early days of Facebook, this translates into one thing…


The opportunity to get in front of the same amount of people for a FRACTION of the cost AND competition… 

The opportunity to stake your claim in your niche WAY before any other competitors… 

The opportunity to generate sales at a cost that allow you to scale to the moon… 

As you can see, this is pretty historic. 

And business owners are using this trending platform to generate returns not seen in years…

Now why would we say this? 

In fact, why should you listen to us at all? Well, we have about 60 million reasons why because…

At Hemon Media, we just may know a thing or two about paid ads.

Advertising is our bread and butter. We’re a full service advertising agency who spends over $5 Million per month to generate returns for industry titans like:

We have a passion for grabbing attention, keeping attention, and monetizing attention. 

That’s it. 

It’s our obsession, and this obsession has made us one of the fastest growing agencies in the world. 

And part of the reason we’re the fastest-growing agencies is because… 

We constantly help our high-ticket coaching partners find a competitive edge.

Whether we advertise on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Google, Snapchat, Instagram… 

We use whatever we can at our disposal to help our partners generate more sales for less. 

And now with the early launch of TikTok ads, we’re meeting this bar yet again. 

For example: 

We used TikTok ads to help this company hit 11.5x ROAS before scaling.

Reviews 1

We used TikTok Ads to cut call costs in HALF for a nutrition coaching company…

Reviews 4

A business coaching company used TikTok Ads to also cut their ad costs in HALF.

Reviews 3

“No matter what target cost per booked call we give you guys, everything we do is hitting a consistent 3 or 4x return, regardless of what we spend”​

[*Name redacted for privacy]

– CEO of an 8-figure coaching company

And this is just scratching the surface. 

TikTok has been a game-changer for our partners. 

Yet as great as these results are, you may be wondering… 

“Can You Do The Same For My Coaching Business?”


At the end of the day we know nothing about your business – but here’s what I’d argue…

If it can be done – we can do it.

And we can do it better than anyone else.

To date, we’ve helped a variety of 6, 7 & 8 figure coaching businesses use Tik Tok to take their results to the next level, and now…

Here’s What You’ll Get To Do The Same With TikTok Ads

Done-For-You TikTok Ad Managment

We handle all of your TikTok ads completely done-for-you
We’ll take care of the campaign setup, deployment, optimization and audience selection so you can spend more time working on your business, instead of in it.

x12 Done-For-You TikTok Ad Creatives Per Month

TikTok is all about highly engaging videos that your audience loves. 
And in addition to running your ads, we’ll create 12 new pieces of high-converting content every month. 
This gives you a virtually endless stream of content your audience can engage with (and ultimately buy from) 

Weekly Account Reports

At the end of each week, you’ll receive a customized report of our findings in your account as we scale. It will include our findings with copy, creative, as well as areas of opportunity to help you scale.

End Of Month Strategy Call With Our Entire Team

You’ll also get to speak with our entire team once per month to get a rull review of their finding and results from your ads. 
This is where hidden strategic gems may be uncovered as you’ll have multiple experts putting their brain power towards the same

Ongoing Daily Communication

You’ll not hear from us one per month, not even once per week.
You’ll have ongoing communication daily with both your very own dedicated media buyer and copywriter. If you ever need to reach us, we’re only one message away.

How We Generate World-Class Returns With TikTok Ads

Our Propiarary 3-Step Scaling Structure…

(High ticket coaches only. Min. 10k/mo revenue required.)

Phase 1: Decentralize Ad Accounts

Phase 2: Marketing Sophistication Enhancement & Optimization

Phase 3: Scale & Optimize The Ad Machine

(High ticket coaches only. Min. 10k/mo revenue required.)

Are You Ready To Scale With TikTok?

Our Propiarary 3-Step Scaling Structure…

We’ll be honest with you: New advertising platforms don’t come around often. 

Especially ones that are growing as fast as TikTok. 

Right now, it’s an absolutely blue ocean for businesses  across America. 

A lot of users + little competition = BIG $$$ 

In short, what’s happening right now is historic. 

Never before has advertising dollars gone further… 

However, like with most good things, the gold comes to those who get in early. 

Within 1-2 years from now a flood of businesses  will enter the space fighting for a piece of the pie. 

So why not get a leg up and claim your piece early? 

It all begins with a  discovery call. 

Book yours today, and let’s crush it with TikTok. 

See you soon. 

As incredible as this opportunity is, we want to be very clear on something… 

This offer is NOT for any high ticket coach. 

If you’re neaw to high-ticket coaching or under 10k/mo in revenue, this isn’t for you. 

We’re looking for experienced high-ticket coaches who understand the game of paid ads, and want to take their current results to the next level. 

So if you’re not at this level yet, please don’t fill out an application. 

However, if you are an experienced coach doing at least 6 figures a year in revenue… 

And you’re ready to not only stabilize, but explode your ROAS month over month with a ‘blue ocean’ advertising platform… 

Then we want to help you map out that gameplan today, and secure your market share well ahead of the incoming competition. 

Are you ready? 

If so, click that beautiful gold button below, and let’s get started!   

(High ticket coaches only. Min. 10k/mo revenue required.)

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