Look, the past 6-8 months have NOT been easy to run traffic on Facebook. (Anyone who says otherwise either is lying or isn’t running anything with decent spend behind it.)

That’s not to say “winning” isn’t possible. It’s just wayyy more difficult. But in this blog post,

I’m going to break down for you one of the strategies that have really helped us in the last 90 days produce some big wins for clients in multiple verticals and industries so you can apply it TODAY.

Here’s some examples my team sent over to me of the results we’ve produced just so you know the information I’m about to tell you is very very valuable if applied correctly…

Okay — down to the dirty details….

There’s so much I could cover here as far as shifts we’ve had to make in the last few months but, in this blog post, there’s one clear point I want to drive home…

Learn to think differently about your remarketing.

Everyone knows remarketing is crucial to success on paid traffic however, over the last 90 days we’ve needed to re-examine our take on remarketing.

(Honesty time – It’s too easy to just remarket to abandon carts and people who haven’t filled out an application with a general “Hey! Noticed you didn’t X and so I’m giving you a second chance to X today”)

We’ve all been there…

But we’ve seen a 4x increase in performance in remarking when applying frameworks behind it. It takes a TON of work but is so delicious once you get it rolling… Here’s the framework for remarking that you can implement TODAY.

I’ve reviewed dozens of ad accounts (including some of my own) and with what’s been happening the last three months on Facebook… I had two choices…

Quit and Give Up (Let Facebook Win), or

Adapt and Improve (Take ownership of results)

And if you know me, I never give up. So I got with my team and we brainstormed and got back to the basics of marketing principles and psychology.

We had to understand that people don’t buy or fill out an application because of just 1 reason. In fact, there are dozens of reasons why people don’t do what you want them to do…

But after millions in spend… I’ve narrowed it down to 5 main reasons (objections) for you.

  • Ad Was Boring or Not Special
  • They Don’t Trust You (Your brand or company)
  • They Don’t Believe Your Claims Objection
  • They’re Just Not Sold
  • Not a Potential Customer

Once we established those 5 reasons, the next obvious step was creating ads for each objection in our remarking sequences…

“But what type of ads are best?”

I’ve figured that out for you too…

Best Ads For Objection #1: Ad Was Boring Or Not Special

Ad #1: Intro Mechanism: What Makes Your Product or Services Unique or Special?

Ad #2: Urgency & FOMO: Tell them why they need to take action now or miss out

Ad #3: Us Vs. Them: Compare Yourself Vs. a Competitor

Best Ads For Objection #2: They Don’t Trust You or Your Company

Ad #1: UGC (User Generated Content) Ad: They need to see other people’s opinion about your brand & company

Ad #2: USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Ad: If your offer is unique and unlike (unmatched) anything else available then that instantly creates a level of trust and authority in your company within the prospect’s mind

Ad #3: Testimonial Ad: Testimonials proving why your company is trustworthy and reliable

Best Ads For Objection #3: They Don’t Believe Your Claims

Ad #1: UGC (User Generated Content) Ad: They need to see other people’s opinion about your offer and product

Ad #2: Testimonial: Testimonials proving why your product is trustworthy and reliable

Ad #3: Demonstration Marketing Ad: Show your offer, product, or service in action (This is one of the BEST ways to advertising and converting those ‘on the fence’ customers)

Best Ads For Objection #4: They’re Just Not Sold

Ad #1: Introduce Stage 4 (Eugene Schwartz) Sophistication Mechanisms: Show them how they can still achieve X without X (previous headache to solving their problem)

Ad #2: Introduce Stage 5 (Eugene Schwartz) Sophistication Ad: Understand that all previous claims and angles are DEAD. How can you approach your product in a BRAND NEW angle? (Hint: Most of the time the marketing no longer has to do with the product itself but rather the EFFECTS of what the product or service brings)

Ad #3: Pure Humor Angle Ad: Forget the Product or Service, just try to make them laugh and have enough curiosity to cause them to click

Best Ads For Objection #5: Not a Potential Customer

Understand that not everyone is your customer. Stop trying to convert everyone and focus on the BEST people for your company.

Reader… If you’ve gotten this far… know that times ain’t easy, but the victors will be the ones who adapt in times of struggle.

We’ve made a TON of shifts at Hemon Media to provide the best possible results for our clients & have adapted our trainings in HemonX to train media buyers on ways to adapt and stay at the top in times of extreme flux.

I encourage you to take these frameworks and apply them to your advertising immediately.

Heck, may not be a bad idea to print them out and post them near your computer…

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