You may think you are… but you’re not.

And once you understand this and what you are actually selling – selling everything and anything becomes a whole helluva lot easier.

Which means:

Better results, more leads, more sales, more customers, MORE everything.

With less effort.

I’m going to assume you know who Russell Brunson is – because if you’ve been in the online marketing/advertising space for any reasonable amount of time – how could you not?

So let me ask you a question…

What does Russell Brunson sell?



Yes, he does?

No, he doesn’t.

Alright…let’s unpack this…

Russell doesn’t sell ClickFunnels…

What Russell sells is this…

Russell sells the IDEA that FUNNELS (not ClickFunnels) are the easiest, fastest, and safest way to build a business and make money online.

Russell sells a promise.

Russell sells a transformation.

And THEN presents ClickFunnels as the most logical product/service to fulfill on the promise/transformation that he presented.

This sounds superrrrr simple.

But I guarantee that when you grasp this…

When the penny drops…

Your advertising and marketing, anywhere and everywhere become so much more potent.

I see this A LOT.

Advertisers and marketers selling products and services, when they should be selling promises and transformations.

And then presenting their product/service as a means to fulfill on the promise/transformation presented.

It’s not…

Product/Service >>>> Promise/Transformation.


Promise/Transformation >>>> Product/Service.

How can you tell which you’re doing?

Ask yourself this…

“In my marketing/advertising efforts… Am I leading with my product OR am I leading with a promise/transformation?”

If it’s the former… you could dramatically change the potency of your marketing/advertising by making the switch.

Ever heard the saying in marketing/advertising…

“Nobody cares about your business, product, or service… they only care about WHAT you can do for THEM.”

100% true.

And what you can do for them – is the promise you should be presenting and leading with. Then follow behind with your product.

Make sense?


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