As a marketer or communicator, ensuring your copy is compelling and distinctive is crucial. Although there’s an abundance of information online regarding good copywriting, you’re likely familiar with much of it as it has been extensively covered. Therefore, I have collated what I consider to be the top five copywriting articles on the internet in this piece. These articles are filled with beneficial suggestions and practical insights that even experienced professionals in communications can acquire knowledge from. Let’s begin.

Science-Backed Copywriting Tips in 8 Easy Steps

Buffer conducted a comprehensive study to determine the dos and don’ts of persuasive copywriting. They posted these exceptional, science-backed copywriting tips on their blog last year. My preferred technique is to transform a routine “announcement-style” message into a narrative that people usually find more engaging to read.

Professional Copywriting tips and tricks

This article provides 35 beneficial tips and tricks from renowned copywriters such as David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett. By quickly implementing these tips, you can significantly enhance your copywriting skills. One tip that stands out to me is #18, which advises asking questions that elicit a “yes” response from readers.

Effective Psychological Copy Hacks

By delving into some fascinating psychological research, this article sheds light on how psychology can inform effective copywriting strategies. You’ll discover valuable insights that can be applied to copywriting, such as the significance of organizing the sequence of your ideas, the use of repetition, including a P.S. line, and other essential techniques.

How to Define Tone and Voice For Your Brand

The significance of tone of voice in molding the perception of your brand(s) cannot be overstated, yet it is a notion frequently overlooked or underappreciated. ABC Copywriting delves deeply into tone of voice, outlining the essential principles of “values,” “styles,” and “variations.” The writer stresses that your tone of voice ought to align with your authentic organizational culture and values; it must not be a fabrication.

7 More Scientifically Backed Copywriting Tips

The reason I was drawn to this article is that its initial recommendation, “Make ’em feel something,” embodies, in my view, the crux of effective copywriting. Quality copy should elicit a particular emotional response from the reader (whether it’s enthusiasm, apprehension, annoyance, or any other feeling), and if it’s compelling enough, prompt the desired action. The other pointers in the piece are equally valuable, such as tackling significant reader apprehensions directly by presenting factual evidence that allays those fears.

Crafting exceptional copy involves both artistic and scientific elements. While writing excellent copy isn’t necessarily difficult, it requires practice and a solid understanding of crucial best practices, many of which are explored in the aforementioned articles. With time, you can create exceptionally effective copy that accomplishes your communication objectives.

P.S, for this image I prompted Dall-E, an AI image creator, to give me a picture of a gorilla with a pen and paper who has a confused look as if he has writer’s block.  You see the result here. 


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