There’s no doubt that the rise of artificial intelligence has some major implications.  A lot of copywriters I know are shook, to put it mildly.  Especially those who are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of talent and experience.  So, what are we to do?  Here are three tips that’ll help you embrace the coming change. 

Get on with it, already.  

It is common for us to dismiss or reject anything that we fear or do not comprehend easily by saying “f*ck off”. Initially, I was inclined to think that there was no way an AI could replace human writers and disregarded the hype surrounding it. Writing is more of an art form that relies on the human touch and authentic emotions. Additionally, AI tools depend on existing data and patterns.

However, I realized that I was making assumptions without experiencing the use of an AI writing tool. My ignorance and fear were preventing me from exploring the potential benefits of this technology. Therefore, I decided to sign up for a trial to test an AI writing tool and determine what it does well and what it doesn’t.

After my trial, I plan to share my findings in another article. In the meantime, I encourage other writers to approach AI writing tools with curiosity and explore their potential benefits. AI tools can quickly generate writing topics, headlines, and outlines, and simplify mundane tasks such as spelling, rephrasing, and rewriting.

I wonder how integrating AI technology into the writing process would affect the quantity and quality of content produced. It could open up new opportunities and change the type of content created. Therefore, I invite writers to experiment with AI writing tools, such as Jasper and rytr, and discover how they could enhance their writing process.

Bottom line, if AI copywriting is going to become a thing, there are going to need to be AI copywriting experts to teach people how to use it effectively.  Why can’t you make that your next move?

Share a larger volume of your own thoughts.

Sharing your content is a way to share a part of yourself with others. People tend to connect more with individuals rather than just content alone.  Use AI to help you produce at a higher level so you have more time to spend on your own brand voice and tone.

Consider what you want to be recognized for and the topics that come to mind when you think of your favorite bloggers. Focusing on 1 or 2 niches makes it easier for people to remember you. It doesn’t mean you can’t write about other topics, but strive to have more knowledge about your chosen topics than the average person, which helps you maintain your competitive edge.

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are popular among writers for sharing their work. I’ve personally found success sharing my work on these platforms for the past five years, particularly on LinkedIn where there is less competition for content.

Sharing your work can also help build your credibility, resulting in job opportunities, new clients, and even invitations to translate your posts into other languages on other websites.

If you’re concerned about spending too much time on social media or find it challenging to share your work regularly, consider using a social post scheduler to make it easier.

In the coming years, the world will be inundated with more content than ever before. Therefore, it’s essential to establish a personal brand by being known for your content to stand out from the crowd.

Use AI to help you write better. 

Let’s say you’re writing ads for a prominent eCommerce brand.  You’ve generated tons of ideas, and now you’re drawing a blank.  Ask the AI to write a few.  

Is it cheating?  Perhaps.  But using AI for ideation is without a doubt one of the most powerful use cases for the technology.  It has such a sweeping, wide view of the internet that it can almost always provide some useful insight for you to carry into your own writing endeavors.  


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