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Marketers Are Re-Aligning Priorities As Tech Hype Shifts to AI

In light of the uncertain economic conditions in the coming year, marketers and agency leaders may shift their focus on technology, following a year of fluctuations. The start of 2022 saw new technologies such as metaverse activations, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies being highly sought-after, however, their popularity began to decline due to setbacks like the failure of digital exchange FTX, investors losing interest in Meta’s virtual world plans, and an overall downturn in Silicon Valley caused by increasing federal interest rates and inflation

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A Look Ahead at 2023: Top Marketing Trends

In the coming year, we expect to see more brands and industries allocate a larger portion of their digital advertising budget towards TikTok, which will stimulate further innovation on the platform and create more marketing opportunities within the digital advertising industry.

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Is the Great Ad Downturn Already Underway?

For years it has seemingly been gangbusters on growth in the ads industry, particularly in digital advertising.  Now, for the first time in ages, that growth seems to be slowing, and in some cases, even reversing.

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