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TikTok To Allow Regulators Under The Hood of Their Algorithm in Unprecedented Move

In order to curry favor with regulators and perhaps get a leg up in the discussion around privacy and data, it seems TikTok may do the unthinkable – it may lift the veil on its recommendations algorithm. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that, as part of the overhaul of its US business, TikTok has promised regulators some degree of oversight over its algorithm.

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Marketers Are Re-Aligning Priorities As Tech Hype Shifts to AI

In light of the uncertain economic conditions in the coming year, marketers and agency leaders may shift their focus on technology, following a year of fluctuations. The start of 2022 saw new technologies such as metaverse activations, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies being highly sought-after, however, their popularity began to decline due to setbacks like the failure of digital exchange FTX, investors losing interest in Meta’s virtual world plans, and an overall downturn in Silicon Valley caused by increasing federal interest rates and inflation

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TikTok Continues to Add Functionality, Win Market Share

TikTok has obtained a license from IMDb to allow its users to include information about movies and TV shows in their videos and provide links to these titles through an in-app interface. Initially, this feature will be available to viewers in the US and UK.

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